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AdMATS™ Australia ” is the Sole Supplier of Specialty Placemats for Australian Restaurants.

Q. Why choose to use FREE Disposable Placemats Mats in your Restaurant?

Operating a restaurant is a competitive business. Controlling your costs is essential, this is where we can help!

Your placemats will boldly feature your restaurants name, logo, menu etc in the center spot assuring you increased name recognition among your customers. Our friendly account representatives will offer surrounding advertising spaces to non-competing local businesses. The placemat program is a proven method of connecting your fine restaurant with merchants and patrons in the local community.

Disposable Palcemats by Ad MATS™ are completely FREE, because the advertising around the border pays for the placemats. The advertiser sponsors YOUR placemats.

We have a selection of colours to choose from for the printing, (one colour only) on white 80 gsm Bond paper. The basic "run" is of 5000 mats. Which may lead you to ask…………

Q. Why would advertisers sponsor your placemats?

The sponsor’s message will be on your restaurant tables before a minimum of 5000 viewers throughout the programs duration, putting them directly in front of their customers for 3-4 months at a time!

Their placemat message will impact your patrons for up to 45 minutes. What would a similar time on radio or television cost? A restaurants' natural, warm environment is the perfect place to reach out to consumers who have disposable income. They will remember the dining experience & they will remember the sponsors message!

There are never advertisers of questionable taste - They are always local, family oriented businesses. If you would prefer, we can call with the names of the companies we have registered, before we print, so you know who will be on your mat.  

IMPORTANT - You can feature anything you want in your space: Lunch specials, coupons, a picture of your restaurant, a crossword or word find, or simply your logo. The space is yours, and is always FREE to you. NOTE: The centerpiece (your advertising space) of an AdMAT is worth $990 in advertising and is yours FREE!

Our art department can assure you and the AdMat business sponsors an expertly designed and printed product.

After we receive your information for the featured centre, we start calling advertisers. We get all their information, do their layouts, mail proofs to everyone, then start the printing process. This normally takes from 6-8 weeks from start to finish.

Your restaurant will then be dispatched 5,000 AdMats. There are no printing or delivery charges to you! All you have to do is sign for the delivery and start enjoying them!

We only want the restaurants to make sure the AdMATS are being used in their entirety, because your local businesses, who advertise, are good customers and pay for the privilege to be seen at your establishment!

Finally, it is always a good idea to tell employees and partners of your restaurant that you are having us do the AdMATS for you. That way everyone is aware, and knows the mats will be out soon for you to distribute!

All that is required is that you serve your customers on the Disposable Placemats as agreed.

If you have any queries or would like to take advantage of this offer and receive free placements into your restaurant, you can contact us via email We look forward to a beneficial association with your restaurant.

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