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Looking for Free Placemats??

“AdMATS™ Australia ” is the Sole Supplier of Specialty Disposable Placemats for Australian Restaurants, Cafes and Eateries.

Operating a restaurant is a competitive business. Controlling your costs is essential, this is where we can help!

Your FREE Disposable Placemats will boldly feature your restaurants name, menu, or lunch specials, in the center spot assuring you increased name recognition among your customers. Our friendly account representatives will offer surrounding advertising spaces to non-competing local businesses. The placemat program is a proven method of connecting your fine restaurant with merchants and patrons in the local community.

Disposable Placemats by AdMATS™ are completely FREE, because the advertising around the border pays for the placemats. The advertiser sponsors YOUR Dispoable Placemat.

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Looking for an inexpensive way
to promote your company??

Consider this unique method to present your company to prospective customers.

Your Disposable Placemat message will be on the restaurant tables before a minimum of 5000 viewers throughout the programs duration! Your placemat message will impact your audience for up to 45 minutes at a time . What would a similar time on radio or television cost? A restaurants' natural, warm environment is the perfect place to reach out to consumers who have disposable income. They will remember the dining experience & they will remember your message!

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